Truthful – Lapis Lazuli and ethnic bead bracelet


8mm Wooden carved beads and 2mm Lapis Lazuli beads.

Lapis Lazuli is said to encourages honesty, compassion, morality, self-awareness, allow self-expression and reveal inner truth. It encourages objectivity, clarity and creativity. Lapis Lazuli is said to help you to speak truthfully and inspires confidence.

Care instructions:
If you remember to care for your bracelet it should last for years, please follow these simple care instructions:
* Refrain from showering, swimming, or exercising whilst wearing your bracelet.
* The bracelet should be rolled on or off your wrist, as repetitive pulling over time can result in the elastic stretching and becoming weak.
* Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, body oils, perfumes, lotions and cosmetics.
* Don’t clean whilst wearing your bracelet as exposure to strong chemicals could possibly erode/react with the beads, elastic and findings.



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